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HPXIN new lightning protection products debut the tenth lightning protection technology and product exhibition

2016-06-22 00:37:37 HPX@web 93


    On June 19, 2016, the 10th China Exhibition on Eighyning Protection Technology & Equipment 2016, hosted by the China Meteorological Society, was held at the Beijing National Convention Center. Exhibition, invites all relevant government departments throughout the country, the provincial and municipal meteorological bureau, the hydrology, water quality, weather, marine monitoring stations, anti-surge center, general, complete, general, military, radar, electricity, electronics, instrumentation, radio and television, security , IT, computer, industrial, industrial automation, communications, construction, transportation, telecommunications, networking, agriculture, salt, and other areas of the units or individuals to visit and discuss cooperation.

    HPXIN as the Shenzhen Municipal Lightning Protection Association vice president of units, launched a series of independent intellectual property rights, technological innovation of new anti-surge products. HPXIN in addition to the exhibitors to explain the latest lightning protection products, lightning protection technology program, but also launched with the anti-surge is closely related to the integration of the cabinet products and communications power products, has been a lot of exhibitors advice and attention.

    The exhibition, exhibitors show the latest technology and equipment, to explore the forefront of the development trend and market dynamics. Shenzhen lightning anti-surge enterprise delegation exhibitors, Yueqing lightning anti-surge president, the Secretary-General personally led the exhibition, the exhibition appeared a long absence of popularity. Lightning protection technology and product exhibition area mainly shows the lightning monitoring and early warning, lightning / anti-surge technology and products, lightning protection project, lightning location, electromagnetic compatibility technology, lightning protection products and devices, lightning detection.

    HPXIN as a national high-tech enterprises, has been committed to the anti-surge product innovation and development, has accumulated rich experience in innovation and development. At the same time the company attaches great importance to the market development, intelligent distribution products and embedded power supply is widely used, covering domestic products, Europe and the United States and Southeast Asia and other overseas markets. Nearly two years began to enter the outdoor cabinets neighborhood, professional team growing, to keep pace with the major products as the goal, continuous efforts.