Company Introduction

1、About HPXIN:

        Established in 1999, Shenzhen Haipengxin Electronics Co., Ltd. is a state-level high-tech and leading enterprise specialized in the research and development, manufacture and sale of surge protection and intelligent power distribution products and Telecommunications Power products, Outdoor Cabinet Products. Our company was formerly known as Shenzhen Micro Haipengxin Electronics Co., Ltd. Our company was changed to joint-stock company as a whole in 2008.

2、Core Idea:

        Adhering to technology first and scientific management, HPXIN is committed to protect the safety of the human social production and living in order to achieve international first-class brand.
        Based on the principle of "Integrity and win-win", we provide customer with high quality products and best quality service.
        Personal self-development platform provided is the development power of HPXIN, more professional and excellent is the forever goal of HPXIN.

3、Company Culture:

        After nearly 20 years of development, HPXIN inherits the fine tradition and company culture of Micro Haipengxin with strong sense of mission for SPD and intelligent power distribution in China and employees with high loyalty to enterprise, which makes HPXIN constantly grow.

      Devoted to their duties, deeply love of enterprise, overall situation, HPXIN people shows best professional spirit.
HPXIN is positively committed to corporate social responsibility. We pay more attention to the quality as our responsibility, constantly improve our technology and service levels with proactive and innovative attitude. Since we've obtained good economic and social benefits, HPXIN people are continually making efforts to strive for the cause of China lightning protection and intelligent power distribution unit industry, and hope we can make more new contributions.

4、Product Series:

        After nearly 20 years of development, HPXIN increasingly grows in the field of SPD and PDU. With many years experience of customer service and better understanding of SPD and PDU, we provide lightning protection and power distribution unit field with professional, featured products and solution. Our products have characteristics such as security, reliability, stability and practicability or so.

        At present, our products are:  SPD , PDU, System Integration products.

  • SPD: Power Series SPD- Power Surge Arrestor, Signal Series SPD, Lightning Protection Box, Tower Shield products, Intelligent lightning protection distribution box, Lightning protection online monitoring and management system

  • PDU: Intelligent PDU, ATS, Environmental Monitor

  • System Integration products:

   Telecommunication Power Products: Embedded Power, DC Power Distribution Box, AC Distribution Box
   Outdoor Cabinet Products: Outdoor Integration Cabinet, Outdoor Composite Cabinet
   Other Products: Intelligent Charging Equipment (DC/AC Charging Pile), Intelligent Monitoring System

          HPXIN products are widely used in many fields such as telecommunications, electric power, petrochemical, railway, industrial control, data center, security, and civil for lightning protection and power distribution system, and produce good economic and social benefits.

5、Organizational and Managing Ability:

        HPXIN has accumulated rich experience in production management, and has a set of perfect production management system which is suitable to manufacturer. Through learning and absorbing management experience and methods from advanced enterprises, HPXIN production management has reached the standardization, standardization.
        In 2001, we began to implement ISO9001:2000 quality management system in 2001. We again started to implement ISO14001:2007 environmental management system in 2007. Company's products have passed international certifications such as TUV, UL, CE, ROHS or so.
        During providing clients with products, HPXIN gradually formed a strict quality and environment control system. In cooperation with international customers constantly, our product quality standards are in consistent with international quality ones step by step , which further enhance our own quality and environmental control ability. HPXIN always adheres to the principle of "quality first” with strict requirements and factualistic.

6、Technology Ability:

        HPXIN has good condition for R&D and production, and makes cooperation with a number of well-known domestic scientific research institutions and research institutes, equipped with advanced production equipment and testing means. We have attracted multidisciplinary professionals and industry technical elite who are engaged in the industries such as SPD , SPD Application, intelligent power distribution, which bring a strong guarantee for HPXIN product R&D, quality control, production management, sales and service, etc.

        We establish and maintain our own world class standard testing laboratory according to UL, TUV and China national standards. In 2008, HPXIN was successively certified as TUV and UL recognized witness testing laboratory and become the first company in China to receive both honorable accreditation.
        At present, we have two independent innovation products and twenty –five patents, and all products are R&D and production on HPXIN own ability. We insist on not less than 6% of sales revenue each year investing on research and development; The integration of research and development, technology, production, quality keeps HPXIN remain leading in industry.

7、Customer Recognization:

      Based on "sincerity and win-win" principle, HPXIN makes cooperation with new and old customers. Over many years, HPXIN won the praise of the industry authorities and recognition of vast majority customers through own efforts and good reputation and service. We are willing to establish relations of cooperation, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, and join hands in creating a win-win situation with more enterprises.
      Some of our customers are large domestic famous telecommunication operators such as China Tower, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom; Other of our customers are well-known telecom equipment manufacturers such as HUAWEI, NOKIA, ZTE, SHANGHAI BELL, State Grid, Southern Power Grid, South Group, Emerson, Foxconn, BYD, and foreign well-known equipment manufacturers, etc.