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Warmly welcome IEC 37A Chairman Alain Rousseau to visit HPXIN

2015-09-16 00:28:01 HPX@web 77

Pengcheng in September, autumn to send cool, sweet and fragrant fragrance. September 15 at noon, HPXIN ushered in a number of distinguished guests.

    Mr. Alain Rousseau, Chairman of the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) 37A, Dr. Tao Ming, an expert on international high voltage and lightning protection, and Mrs. Fennanda Cruz, a mine expert from Portugal, visited Haipeng.

    President Alain first visited the company's laboratory. HPXIN laboratory in 2008 has made the German TUV, the United States UL recognized witness test laboratory, is the first to obtain TUV, UL recognized lightning protection test laboratory. The lab has 50KA (10/350 μs), 150KA (8/20 μs), 40KA (8/20 μs, 10/700 μs combined wave), 10KA (1.2 / 50 μs, 8/20 μs composite wave), 1KA (2ms square wave) and other lightning test equipment, and drum drop test equipment, high and low temperature alternating hot and humid box, thermal stability test equipment, TOV transient over-voltage test equipment. During the visit, President Alain also watched the lightning protection products on-site lightning experiments, and appreciated that the sea Peng letter experimental capacity has reached the international advanced level.

    Over the past decade, with the various areas of China's mine awareness continue to increase, mine manufacturers continue to improve production technology, making the most rapid development of China's mine industry. The integration of lightning protection products in the continuous improvement of the various parts of the lightning protection system slowly to integrate into an organic whole, lightning protection system as a system of various applications of lightning protection package will be more open, more security, Effectiveness and intelligence, which is an important development trend of mine industry. Intelligent mine has become a new technical features of the mine industry.

    HPXIN lightning protection online monitoring and management system, the company independent innovation research and development of a safe, scientific, efficient, integrated, active management system. It combines the existing lightning test platform program, innovative use and learn from the cloud of things, sensors, intelligent algorithm technology, large data, mobile Internet and other technical means to achieve the technical breakthrough of the system. Into the "management" + "software" design ideas, enabling surge protector, lightning current real-time monitoring, intelligent management, fool-style design and other functions. Improve the safety, stability and reliability of the lightning protection facilities, and facilitate the day-to-day management and maintenance of the lightning protection facilities, and improve the management level of the staff. The system is widely used in many fields and a variety of network environment, can be applied to a single site of the lightning protection state of centralized monitoring can also be applied to a number of sites to achieve centralized monitoring network, in particular, can be achieved for the scattered, Hundreds of kilometers, or even thousands of kilometers of the site of a number of unattended sites and other sites for centralized monitoring network, centralized management.

    President Alain listened attentively to the introduction of HPXIN lightning protection online monitoring and management system, and had in-depth communication and discussion with the company's technical staff. He fully affirmed the innovation technology of Hai Pengxin lightning protection online monitoring and management system. This means that the sea Peng letter in the lightning protection industry, the new tree and lightning protection status of the promotion and witness, which is not only the credibility of the sea Peng letter over the years, but also the future of the sea Peng letter, the pursuit of excellence in the good period The

    IEC surge protector standards as an international industry standards, has been the major manufacturers of lightning protection industry concerns, but also the focus of debate in the industry experts. An important trend in the future IEC surge protector standard is to consider more standard revisions from the perspective of intelligent lightning protection, which is one of the concerns of Alain Chairman China.

    IEC surge protector standards of the development trend, for lightning protection technology and products have put forward new requirements, reflecting the latest trends in the mine market. As a manufacturer we can keep abreast of this information, for a better grasp of technology research and development, adjust the performance of products is essential.

    Innovation is the driving force of progress. Hai Peng letter will continue to innovate and develop, strengthen the enterprise in the lightning protection technology innovation in the main position, play a large enterprise innovation backbone role, to promote the development of lightning protection technology to contribute their own strength.

IEC Introduction:

    The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) was founded in 1906 and has a history of 109 years by 2015. It is the world's first international electrical standardization organization, responsible for the international standardization work in the field of electrical engineering and electronic engineering. Its international standards and conformity assessment system have played an active role in promoting the development of international trade in the field of electrical and electronic Known as the international trade "pass".

    The purpose of the IEC is to promote international cooperation in standardization and related issues in the field of electrical and electronic engineering and to enhance international mutual understanding. IEC implementation of the "a standard, a test, the global common" concept of work, effectively eliminating the electrical and electronic products in the international trade in technical barriers to trade. At present, the working field of IEC has been extended to the fields of electrical, electrical, microelectronics and its applications, communication, audio-visual, robotics, information technology, new medical devices and nuclear instrumentation by simply studying the terminology and power of electrical equipment and motor Of all aspects.

    The authority of the IEC standard is recognized by the world. IEC each year to be held in the world more than 100 times the International Standard Conference, nearly 100,000 experts around the world to participate in the IEC standard development, revision work. IEC now has technical committee (TC) 95; sub-technical committee (SC) 80. IEC standards in the rapid increase in 1963 only 120 standards, as of the end of December 2000, IEC has developed 4885 international standards.

    IEC SC37A is the International Electrotechnical Commission sub-technical committee, is the surge protector standards development organization.