AC charging pile

AC charging pile

AC charging pile

First, the product description

        Haipengxin can quickly customize intelligent, efficient, safe and reliable charging equipment according to customer needs. The module is hot swappable and provides 10A-63A AC output.

Second, product features

       1, module efficiency ≥ 95.8%, derating temperature up to 55 ° C, saving energy;

        2, electronic lock function, to prevent the charging process and other accidents, resulting in electric shock risk;

        3. The charging plug has a self-locking function to prevent hot plugging;

        4. Connect the plug/charging device temperature monitoring function to avoid the hazard caused by the high temperature of the equipment and the connection during the charging process;

        5, using high-definition LCD touch screen, easy to operate, with sound and light alarm, emergency stop and other functions, user-friendly design;

        6, MTBF>400,000h, to meet long-term reliable and stable work needs;

        7, 3G wireless high-speed data exchange, can achieve remote monitoring;

        8, IP55 high protection level, can be applied to a variety of complex environments;

        9, in line with the new international standard GB/T 18487.1-2015, applicable to a variety of charging modes (2/3/4) and connection methods (B / C)