Intelligent PDU


First, the product description:    Intelligent PDU products are divided into PN series and PS series.    PN series is a remote monitoring power distributor, the software system usi

  • Smart PDU:

First, the product description:

    Intelligent PDU products are divided into PN series and PS series.

    PN series is a remote monitoring power distributor, the software system using embedded solutions, based on multi-threaded RTOS kernel, and supports multi-task, multi-user simultaneous access. The software system is safe and reliable, and supports a variety of TCP / IP protocol stack, including HTTP, SSL, SNMP, TELNET, SSH, SMTP, etc., to meet the high-end computer room, data center software, intelligent distribution and environmental monitoring system needs.

    PS series is the local serial port monitoring power distributor, and monitor the computer terminal through the serial port to communicate, to achieve local proximity fast data access.

    PS series can be connected with the PN series, remote access.


Second, intelligent PDU four functions:

    1, energy monitoring function;

    2, environmental monitoring function;

    3, PDU access and network functions;

    4, centralized management and data analysis statistics.


Third, intelligent PDU Product Features:

    1, intelligent PDU products completely break the interval and geographical constraints, to complete any place in the world through the LAN, WAN power supply room for security monitoring, security warning and intelligent management.

    2, intelligent PDU as an important terminal unit of power supply equipment, to enhance the stability and reliability of the system.

    3, intelligent PDU can be through the Ethernet interface or RS232 interface to monitor the working status and management, such as the total current of the PDU, port output current, voltage, power factor, port switch status and temperature and humidity, better management of related power supply equipment , To ensure the stability of the power supply system.

    4, intelligent PDU users can also set the safety threshold of the total load, when the total current exceeds the set threshold, the power accident warning, to avoid the PDU load beyond the scope of its load, to further enhance the engine room with Electrical safety rating.

    5, energy saving is another value of intelligent PDU products. Smart PDUs can get more information and control functions so that users can keep abreast of the power consumed by current equipment and racks to determine how intelligent and efficient management of power distribution.

    6, the extensive application of intelligent PDU can also significantly reduce labor costs and improve operational efficiency.

    7, intelligent power management solutions allow users to more accurately and effectively monitor the power consumption, equipment operation and control and room environment monitoring.

Technical parameters:


technical parameters






                                            single phase,Chinese Standard 16A

maximum input current



8 ways Din sockets, Independent fuse per output (If fuse is not needed, output can be added.


horizontal installation

                        functional Level                                                                  PS-4

functional module

Fuse Per Output 

Product pictures: